Shree Bade Hanuman Ji Temple - A Unique Spiritual Marvel on the Banks of Ganges River

Shree Bade Hanuman Ji Temple, also known as Lete Hanuman Ji Temple and Shri Bade Hanuman JI Mandir.
The Lete Hanuman Ji Temple, also known as the Shree Bade Hanuman Ji Temple, is a well-known Hindu temple that is located in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India, situated near banks of the Holy Ganges River. This revered temple, which is devoted to Lord Hanuman, provides a singular spiritual experience that pulls devotees from all over the country and abroad.

Unique Lying Statue of Lord Hanuman:

The unique statue of Lord Hanuman makes Shree Bade Hanuman Ji Temple unique from other Hanuman temples. At a height of 20 feet, this beautiful statue captivates admirers with its majesty and motivating presence

Shree Bade Hanuman Ji Temple Shree Bade Hanuman Ji Temple Shree Bade Hanuman Ji Temple Shree Bade Hanuman Ji Temple Shree Bade Hanuman Ji Temple Shree Bade Hanuman Ji Temple Shree Bade Hanuman Ji Temple Shree Bade Hanuman Ji Temple

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Historical Significance:

The interesting history of Shree Bade Hanuman Ji Temple dates back to 1582, during the reign of Emperor Akbar. Due to the region's strategic importance, the temple was constructed about the same time that Akbar's idea to construct a fort in Prayagraj was being considered. Since then, the temple has come to represent dedication and religion, drawing both tourists and history enthusiasts.

Spiritual Connection with the Ganges River:

A wonderfully unique location, the Shree Bade Hanuman Ji Temple is situated directly on the banks of the revered Ganges River. Many worshippers think that before the river goes downstream, the water touches the feet of Lord Hanuman within the temple. This is particularly true during the "Prayag Sangam," when people go from all over the world to watch the amazing spectacle and the Ganges and Yamuna rivers' water levels surge. It is understandable why the temple attracted pilgrims and history enthusiasts alike since it's considered a symbol of devotion and dedication.

Revered Center for Devotees:

The temple is a revered center for Hindus who come seeking blessings and spiritual comfort from Lord Hanuman. It provides a remarkable space for them to feel closer to their faith, with the air filled with the sweet fragrance of incense and the melodious chanting of hymns. This creates a deeply spiritual and serene atmosphere within the temple premises, which is why it attracts many visitors.

Complete Address and Opening-Closing Times:

Shree Bade Hanuman Ji Temple welcomes devotees every day with two shifts for worship. The temple opens its doors in the early hours of the morning, providing a serene and peaceful atmosphere for those seeking blessings from Lord Hanuman. The first shift for worship begins at 5:00 AM and continues until 2:00 PM, allowing ample time for devotees to offer their prayers and pay homage to the deity.

After a brief midday break, the temple reopens for the evening shift, giving devotees another opportunity to seek the divine presence of Lord Hanuman. The second shift for worship commences at 5:00 PM, allowing visitors to experience the spiritual aura of the temple during the evening hours. The evening worship creates a soothing ambiance, making it an ideal time for introspection and devotion.

Official Name Shree Bade Hanuman Ji Temple
Also Known As Shree Lete Hanuman ji
Address Shri Bade Hanuman Mandir,Near Akbar Fort, Dargah Hazrat Abbas Road, Katehra Dariyabad, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211003
Shifts and Timings First Shift: 5:00AM to 2:00PM i.e 05:00-14:00 Second Shift: 5:00PM to 9:00PM i.e 17:00-21:00

The temple authorities warmly welcome devotees until 9:00 PM, concluding the day's worship activities. Throughout the designated worship hours.

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At Prayagraj, close to the banks of the Ganges River, lies the unbelievable spiritual wonder recognized as the Shree Bade Hanuman Ji Temple. With its remarkable laying statue of Lord Hanuman and its mystical ties to the Ganges River, this temple has a significant place in Hindu history and culture. This holy place is a must-visit if you're a pilgrim or visitor looking for a memorable experience. Immerse yourself in holy devotion as you see the majestic sight of the Ganges caressing Lord Hanuman's feet. It is regarded with the highest significance and devotion by devotees that the holy Ganga brushes the feet of Lord Hanuman within the temple before flowing downstream. to set off on a tour that would enhance your spirit in the heart of Uttar Pradesh, India.

References Lete Hanuman Mandir : संगम के किनारे आखिर क्‍यों लेटे हैं हनुमान, जानिए क्‍या है इस मंदिर का रहस्‍य? प्रयागराज का लेटे हनुमानजी मंदिर, जिसके आसपास किला बनवाना चाहता था अकबर लेकिन... प्रयागराज संगम किनारे लेटे हनुमान मंदिर का क्या है रहस्य ? यहां दर्शन के बिना गंगा स्नान माना जाता है अधूरा

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